OT/IoT THREAT REPORT 2020 1H: Rising IoT Botnets and Shifting Ransomware

Stay Up-to-Date on the OT/IoT Threat Landscape


Download the 27-page OT/IoT Security Report 2020 to learn about:

  • The OT/IoT threat landscape for IoT malware & ransomware
  • COVID-19-themed malware
  • Threat actor tactics and techniques
  • The top 2020 ICS vulnerabilities and their impact
  • Recommendations for securing your OT/IoT networks


    The first six months of 2020 saw an increase in threats to OT and IoT networks, especially IoT botnet, ransomware and COVID-19-themed attacks. This report provides an overview of the most active threats we saw in 1H, insight into their tactics and techniques, and recommendations for protecting your critical networks.



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