Transportation: Improving Operational Resiliency Through OT and IoT Visibility and Security

Find out about:

  • Top Transportation Industry Challenges
    • Airports; Bus, Rail and Highways; Maritime
  • How the Nozomi Networks Solution Improves Resiliency and Cyber Defense
  • Use Case: Gaining Deeper Visibility into Multi-System Operations
  • Use case: Preventing Operational Disruption and Downtime
  • Use case: Understanding Where System Vulnerabilities Lie
  • Use case: Detecting Malware Before It Impacts OT/IoT Networks

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"Transportation system operators are rapidly embracing tools and technology to gain operational efficiencies. However, digitization and high levels of connectivity increase risk and expand the threat surface. This makes it challenging to quickly address operational disruptions and deflect cyber threats. 

Fortunately, real-time OT/IoT visibility technology can be used to improve both availability and cyber resiliency, helping ensure the safety of transportation systems as they transform."