Approaching Cyber Security Vendor Selection

in OT Environments

The world of Operational Technology (OT) and ICS environments presents its own unique challenges and considerations when selecting cyber security vendors. Operational requirements can vary widely by vertical.
Resources, work practices and procedures, and adoption of standards and best practices as they relate to both cyber security and overall operational technology also vary widely. The convergence of Information and Operational technology in enterprises is at the forefront of end user concerns as they struggle to implement secure Industrial Internet of Things solutions.
Join Larry O'Brien of the ARC as he shares his recommendations for cyber security vendor selection in the ICS and OT worlds with a focus on: 
  • Lifecycle perspective of the plant or facility
  • A "future proof" roadmap that reduces risk and provides value to the overall business
  • Operational requirements by vertical


Larry O'Brien                                             kim-legelis

                 Larry O'Brien                                                                   Kim Legelis           

      Vice President of Research                                                            CMO  

         ARC Advisory Group                                                          Nozomi Networks