Detect LockerGoga Ransomware with the Nozomi Networks Solution 

One of the largest aluminum companies in the world recently experienced and recovered from a significant cyberattack that impacted their production and IT systems. The culprit is a ransomware known as LockerGoga.
Within 48 hours of the attack Nozomi Networks Labs published new rules to the OT ThreatFeed to help customers detect LockerGoga in their environment.
Join us for a 30 minute webcast to learn more about this threat, and how the security controls in Nozomi Networks Guardian can help you mitigate risk.
What we'll cover:
  • What the Nozomi Networks Labs team has learned about LockerGoga
  • Details of the ransomware attack on the aluminum company
  • How the Guardian solution can help you detect LockerGoga in your environment