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Improving ICS Cyber Security for Substations and Power Grids 
Real-time ICS Anomaly Detection and Operational Visibility Use Cases

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  • Technical challenges that must be solved for power grid cyber security
  • Sample architectures for cyber resiliency
  • Cyber security uses cases
  • Operational visibility uses cases
  • How passive ICS anomaly detection works
  • Expert insights on securing substations and grids
  • Real-time cyber security and visibility solution requirements 

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From the White Paper:


"Over the last few years cyberattacks on energy infrastructure have greatly increased. One fundamental security best practice is having real-time visibility of cyber security attacks, risks and incidents.

Five years ago, the technology to provide such visibility for large, heterogeneous, high availability industrial systems, did not exist. Now solutions are available. This paper paints a picture of how such a solution improves the cyber security and operational reliability of power generation, transmission and distribution systems."